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Math in the News: Issue 91 February 14, 2014

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In our latest issue of Math in the News we look at the Sochi Olympics. #Sochi2014 #MathChat http://ow.ly/tCUKy

New TI-Nspire iPad App Tutorial: Graphs January 13, 2014

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New TI-Nspire iPad App Tutorial: Graphs of Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form. #MathChat http://ow.ly/swX8r

Media Resources for Teaching Quadratic Equations and Functions November 17, 2011

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We have a number of resources on our site for teaching and reviewing quadratic equations and functions. In this Blog entry we bring them together to make it easier to find them.

Quadratic Equations and Functions

Math Examples

Our Math Examples page includes hundreds of worked-out examples for a variety of algebra topics. Far exceeding the handful of examples found in textbooks, our Math Examples allow students to recognize among the solutions to better anchor their understanding of the concept.

TI-Nspire Video-Based Tutorials

Our TI-Nspire Mini-Tutorials support the original TI-Nspire Clickpad, the more recent Touchpad, and the new TI-Nspire CX. Each video tutorial shows all keystrokes and also allow for exploration of key math topics.

Promethean Flipcharts

Our Promethean Flipchart page includes free and premium downloadable Flipcharts, ready to use in your classroom.

PowerPoint Presentations and Math Labs

Our PowerPoint Presentations page and our Math Labs provide additional opportunities to review quadratics.

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