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Media4Math’s Closed Captioned Video Library September 21, 2020

Posted by Media4Math in Math.

We now have closed captioned versions of our Media4Math videos. In this blog post, we want to discuss the value of using closed captioned video, beyond accessibility.

You’ll find the Closed Captioned video collection at this link.

In the slide show above, you’ll see some screen captures from a number of our closed captioned videos. We want to highlight several features:

  1. The type size for the captions is large and readable. With many videos you’ll often see smaller type that is sometimes challenging for students to read.
  2. The captions are outside the video window, rather than in the video window itself. In the Internet era there is no reason for using the television strategy of cramming the captions in the video, possibly interfering with some of the instructional text.

As a result, these captioned videos offer you an additional instructional tool. Since most of the videos in the Media4Math video library are meant for student use, the addition of captions allows students to read the captions to reinforce the content.

Here are some strategies for using these videos with your students:

  • In a distance learning environment, play the video, pausing to allow student to read the captions.
  • Assign these videos to your students and encourage them to take notes using the captions.
  • Take screen captures from the videos where captions highlight key concepts.
  • If you are a Media4Math subscriber, use our Slide Show Creator tool to create multimedia presentations that incorporate these videos.

Open a free account on Media4Math at this link: https://media4math.com/user/register


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