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New Early Elementary Resources on Counting August 29, 2020

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We have released a number of videos and other resources on the topic of counting and cardinality. These resources are targeted to the early elementary leaner, specifically in the K-2 range.

Here is the list of the videos and links to the media content on Media4Math:

This series of videos is helpful in connecting counting to addition and subtraction. Use these videos to develop basic skills around counting, cardinality, and basic arithmetic operations.

This series of video are also available in Closed Captioned format. Here are links to the CC videos:

We encourage you to review and use these videos. Using captioned video, especially in a distance learning environment is an additional learning scaffold. It will help your students read key vocabulary (“counting,” “counting on,” “addition”). Captioned videos are not just for students who may be hearing impaired.

We also developed some Drag-N-Drop games to accompany each of the videos. Here are links to those games.

If you are looking for a more packaged presentation, we have also developed a series of Media4Math Classroom modules. These include the ability to roster and track your students. These modules include assessment items that are tracked.

These are the modules:


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