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About our new video-based Promethean Flipcharts January 6, 2011

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Media4Math produces video content and our traditional model is to make these videos available on DVD. This year, however, we are going to make them available as embedded videos on Promethean Flipcharts. The clear advantage of this is that the media is already embedded in the Flipchart ready for use in the classroom.

Promethean Flipchart: Application of Circles

This month we release our first such video-based Flipchart. We take a segment from the Geometry Applications series, one that focuses on a real-world application of circles. This video segment focuses on the Roman Coliseum.

This application also allows you to bring in some social studies connections. A nice Web activity is to use Google Maps to find the Coliseum in Rome.

An overhead view of the Coliseum shows that it is an oval, not a circle.

The question arises, How did the Romans create a smooth elliptical structure like this? The video goes into detail contrasting the ease of constructing a circle versus the challenge of creating an elliptical structure.

Roman engineers used a surveying tool called the Groma for laying the framework of a structure.

Using a Groma, it is relatively easy to construct a circular structure. Not so with an elliptical one.

So, how did the Romans do it? The video goes into great detail on how circular arcs played a roll in the construction of the elliptical structure. A hands-on activity (using the TI-Nspire or the Geogebra software) has students construct these very arcs.

This video is a rich interdiscplinary experience for students. They will gain an appreciation of architecture, engineering, and the world of ancient Rome. They will also see how geometry has always been pivotal in the great cultural works and monuments that stand the test of time.

Find the Promethean Flipchart here: http://www.shop.media4math.com/Promethean-Flipchart-Applications-of-Circles-M4MFLP1.htm

Find he the Geometry Applications video series here: http://www.shop.media4math.com/Geometry-Videos_c8.htm



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